Environmentally Sensible and Commercially
Proven Solution for Energy Saving Through
Applied Molecular Technology

The Ultimate Saving Solution

Because external surface of building absorbs the sun’s heat energy progressively and continually transfer that heat in to the building. Internal temperatures will continue to rise and with traditional forms of insulation the heat transfer in to the building is only slowed down.


Traditional insulation traps heat inside and it takes hours to dissipate, ECI Ceramic Coating allows any heat building up inside the building to escape and not be trapped as can occur with bulk forms of insulation.

ECI Ceramic Coating outperforming many other forms of insulation, if you are running air conditioning, its cost will be significantly reduced with the added benefit of less wear and tear on your air conditioning system.

ECI Ceramic Coating System is so effective, when applied, it can lower the external surface temperature of a building by as much as 38°C. This revolutionary coating may well change the way you think about insulation.

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