The Advanced

Integrated Thermo-Reflective
Waterproof Coating System

for Extreme Conitions

Beyond the conventional

SuperSeal system is the advanced integrated Thermo-Reflective Waterproof Coating System with the energy saving ability for extreme surface protection.


With an integration of the advanced waterproofing system and the Solar-Heat reflective technology from ECI Ceramic  Coating, SuperSeal is the best Weather Proofing with Energy Saving System for building surfaces. 


SuperSeal is engineered for most type of roof and wall surfaces. With the Spuntex Polyfiber reinforcement technology

(optional), SuperSeal offers excellent Weather Proofing ability with very high surface bonding and tensile strength, 

Ultra-Violet (UV) resistance, fungal resistance, and anti-corrosive properties for concrete surfaces.

Surface Preperation

Surface must be cleaned, dried, sound with no water ponding area and free of any oil, grease and dirt by approved method prior to the application of SuperSeal.


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